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Who we are

Social SEO Marketing’s (SSM) name is indicative of the type of company they are. SSM is an experienced group of technologists and creative types that believe that Internet marketing today requires both Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Towards that end, SSM has assembled a group of professionals that have the experience and “know how” to turn your online marketing dreams into profitable ventures.

What we do

Social SEO Marketing is a service-oriented company
that provides a comprehensive set of Internet Marketing services. Social SEO Marketing has created the perfect balance of creative and engineering disciplines that permeates throughout their projects.


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Web Development

“95% of ALL Websites are built wrong”

The Social SEO engineering team has decades of experience in web design. In fact, they have been making their living on the Internet before there was a World Wide Web. All of our websites are designed upon world-class Content Management System (CMS) that provide dynamic environments that empower the nontechnical users to maintain and add new information to the site. After we collaborate with our clients we agree on the general features and pages of the site and generate a “site map” that both parties agree upon.


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Social Media Marketing

“Go Social, be everywhere”

A successful Internet marketing plan doesn’t use a single method in its marketing efforts they take a multi-pronged approach.  A well-rounded approach involves a mixture of social, mobile, web, SEO/SEM, and email components.

Building a Social Media presence should be part of every businesses marketing strategy. Join every large social media site and drive that traffic to your list via your website or lead capture page. The lead capture page will feed leads into your database. We suggest creating accounts at the following networks


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Search Engine Optimization

“If you build it, they will NOT come”

Unless you’re a philanthropist, you are looking for customers to come to your website? The best way to achieve this is by people searching on Google and finding your site. Google commands 65% of all search engine traffic, and there are currently two billion plus people online. Therefore, there are a lot of people out there on the Internet using Google to find things on the Internet. How do you best build your website so that people searching on Google can find you?


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Search Engine Marketing

“If you build it, they will NOT come”

Search Engine Marketing is advertising your website, product or services on Search Engines. The reason why traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers are having such a tough time is because advertising on the Internet is completely tracked and can be specifically targeted.


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Reputation Management

“Speak up. Don’t be bullied online”

Do you have a good or bad reputation online? Are their good posts or bad post out in the wild open Internet? It is very simple for people to make good and BAD post about you or your organization and you cannot do anything about it legally. You have to use online strategies and tactics to maximize the good feedback and minimize the bad.


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Digital Media Production

“We’ll make you look good”

We have decades of digital media experience that includes digital photography, digital editing, compositing, streaming and custom design. Do you have an interesting request? There is a good chance we can get it done for you.


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Hangout with Technology Luminaries

“Are you frustrated about your IT infrastructure?”

Do you ever feel frustrated or stifled with technology? What is the best computer for me? What mobile device should I use? Should I get a smartphone, tablet , laptop or a desktop? What application should I be using to automate pesky tasks in my busy day? How do I get all of these devices synchronized to share information? Or, do you simply desire to be a nerd yourself?